A Second Chance


Prompt: Henry has always had a knack for using the camera. But when Killian begins to notice photographs that don’t include him, his concern for his and Henry’s relationship grows. Captain Swan/Captain Cobra. Rated F for feels and fluff.

He first noticed them shortly after he moved in, and to be quite honest, he’s surprised that he didn’t become aware of it before that day. After much explaining that the little black box wasn’t magic, Killian finally grasped the concept for Henry’s camera. He had a vintage Polaroid one, the kind that spits out the picture as soon as it’s taken (and then the viewer proceeds to shake or blow on it because they assume it will help it develop faster).

Killian found the first one a few days after he had came to live with Emma and Henry. He was unpacking one of his boxes of books when he spotted the photograph on the coffee table. Now distracted from his task, Killian dipped down to pick up the portrait, grinning when he saw how lovely his Swan looked. The picture was of Emma in the kitchen making pancakes, one of the few items she knew how to cook without burning the place down. Smiling, he flipped the picture over to see that Henry had written a description on the back.

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